Really, are they going to be making 50,000 cars a year? So what if they make 9,000 instead of just $7,000 if the demand is there and they aren't reducing the price. Ferrari could be making even MORE money without a real drop in any of the exclusivity stuff. There still aren't a whole lot of people comparatively that… » 9/18/14 7:35pm Yesterday 7:35pm

Methinks it needs a bit more analysis. The first missile seems to just defect and blow up off of the side of the bow. As for the one that hit...the ships looks to be something like a RORO ferry or transporter, which is essentially hollow in the middle, allowing the blast to travel through the ship instantaneously.… » 9/17/14 7:15pm Wednesday 7:15pm

Just like the IRS losing emails (which is impossible), Benghazi, lots-o-shit at the DOJ...nobody takes responsibility for anything in the design. (And it isn't just the current don't even try it). These people ARE NOT public servants, they are SELF servants looking for their next… » 9/16/14 9:13pm Tuesday 9:13pm

It is the gubmint simply building up their "civilian" army...same with federal agencies (agriculture, education, land management, DOE, NPS, and Fish and Wildlife) that have SWAT teams. Why? They sure as hell don't need them. It is part of the playbook for government control. » 9/16/14 7:36pm Tuesday 7:36pm

Really. This is just one of many problems. In may places, the standard of car is very low. DC has lots of independents, so you can often end up with a beat up old compact car with no AC. But you can just call a different cab company. They often are not very good drivers and are clueless as to where things are in the… » 9/14/14 6:57pm Sunday 6:57pm

I thought the Sinatra method was to utilize some "connected" individuals of Italian descent to negotiate your business dealings for you...and keep company with those who can only serve to elevate your and your reputation (Dino, Sammy, Bishop, Rickles...) Really, it is about creating an "image" for yourself and keeping… » 9/13/14 9:39pm Saturday 9:39pm