It is 'socialist' in theory as this is what socialist countries do...try to set price controls and subsidize the purchase of items including gasoline. Its a damned foolish idea in this case, and the morons who voted this in should be railroaded out of town and their property confiscated and sold to pay off this stupid… » 7/22/14 8:36pm 33 minutes ago

They are just hitting dealers now. I drove one a month ago and went to look at another one just yesterday. There is actually a waiting list for them. Almost all of the SXs so far I've found have been manuals. The first batch that went out didn't have any of the packages on them, the one I saw yesterday (just got on… » 7/22/14 12:59pm Today 12:59pm

BMs spend a great deal of time at the dealer getting repaired, and they give you some POS to drive around in the mean time. Lexi generally go to the dealer only for maintenance. And while you are getting your oil changed, tire rotated, and the car are treated to a nice comfortable dealership with free… » 7/21/14 7:47pm Yesterday 7:47pm

Thanks for posting this. You guys made a (proper) bigger deal about this than the Hitler Channel, H2, Science, NatGeo or even Smithsonian. I wanted to see some of the moon programming they used to run. Nothin. There was some aliens shit on one of them, but that doesn't count. History was running some pseudo-reality… » 7/21/14 12:26am Yesterday 12:26am

Actually, the soundtrack is the worst thing about this movie. The unfortunate thing about being 'contemporary' or 'modern' is that in a VERY short period of time, it becomes very dated. And while the movie itself if strong and is a classic, it's soundtrack lets it down. » 7/20/14 6:36pm Sunday 6:36pm

The price you paid is fair for the car. It puts it smack in the Lexus/Benz/BMW lineup, and seems to be one helluva car for that price. Plus, you are pretty much getting all of the hybrid stuff for free. Kinda like what Lincoln is doing (your choice of hybrid or standard drivetrain). Good deal. And I would agree with… » 7/20/14 11:32am Sunday 11:32am