Like Prune had eluded to, it was burned when Luke cremated his father's (Vader) body on a funeral pyre at the end of Return of the Jedi. Who would have thought it even still existed. I think it foreshadows some critical role for some other evil dude who now has the helmet.
» 5/02/15 7:38pm Yesterday 7:38pm

NASA isn't about science anymore. It hasn't been for a VERY long time. It is a very poorly managed political organization, pure a simple. And spreading 'panic' myths simply for more funding. And much of the climate research is crap to begin with. In fact, an investigation has just launched by top scientists to… » 5/02/15 12:33pm Yesterday 12:33pm

Wouldn't be an issue if they did their really easy job correctly. In DC, there are a HUGE amount of bad tickets written. Things like the wrong state, a wrong number or three, wrong car type and color, or any combination of information. Write tickets for illegal parking when parking in that spot is legal. And often, a… » 4/30/15 8:47pm Thursday 8:47pm

No way Blazing Saddles, one of the best comedies of ALL TIME, could be made in this day and age. It was on TV the other week (on a movie channel) and they left every cuss word in it, but erased all the "N-word"s out of it. It kind of negates the whole purpose of the movie in the first place, to make the word so absurd… » 4/23/15 9:11pm 4/23/15 9:11pm