No. If you actually read what I had written, you would see that I said that the point was to get "one", meaning a C-130 out of a short field once it has already landed. They can land just fine almost anywhere. For the purposes of discussion, it does not really matter why it is there. The fact remains once it is on the… » 4/23/14 6:52am Today 6:52am

So in other words, slouching is actually better for you. That is why I hate the so-called "ergonomic" chairs that are actually designed to be enhanced interrogation devices. Back when I worked in an office that didn't care what the furniture looked like, I had a nice high back manager's chair with arms, that tilted back… » 4/21/14 6:36pm Monday 6:36pm

Well, there are at least two of them roaming the US. I seended one the other day (same color and everything) on the outer loop of the DC beltway, but it did have valid diplomat plates. You don't see unusual foreign cars with diplomatic plates that often, mostly Camrys and Dodge Caravans, for some reason. Even some… » 4/21/14 8:01pm Monday 8:01pm

Hmmmm....this would be a great addition to the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy center. They just opened it in 2004 and it is already too small. It needs to be about 2x the size, and this would be a cool plane for the collection. But I understand the Seattle connection to it. » 4/19/14 10:13pm Saturday 10:13pm

The sad thing is they knew about it. The gubmint was actually exploiting Heartbleed well before was deployed. And Heartbleed is not the only security vulnerability. There is practically NO security on the all. You are an idiot if you signed up for the thing on the website, even if you… » 4/19/14 7:11pm Saturday 7:11pm

Even the German ones are getting to be pile of feces on wheels. There are just flaws in the designs, and mostly in the electronics. But BMW has lots of electrical gremlins as well, as does Merc. German cars just are not what they used to be...they are too concerned about trying to pick up market share, shave a few… » 4/17/14 8:38pm Thursday 8:38pm

Wow, that's a HUGE Corolla! Sorry, Toyota, it looks too much like an old Kia design from the early 2000s. And that front end is utterly terrible. have a lot of money, why not go buy a clue? It is just not an attractive car, especially for the segment. You should have stayed bland. At least then your design … » 4/16/14 8:00pm 4/16/14 8:00pm